Elec. Engineer





1. Design electrical control system, hardware drawings, software programming and debugging according to equipment manufacturing process and customer requirements.

2 Part of the small and medium-sized projects potential project design and quotation.

3. Implement project schedule and quality requirements, control project budget, and complete related work on time

4. Cooperate with mechanical department for design, feasibility, manufacturability evaluation and implementation

5. Report project anomalies to the design team leader, project manager, and department director, timely deal with project questions and solve the factors that cause project delay.

6 Assembly process, explain and guide the relevant assembly personnel to ensure rapid and high quality assembly.

7. Provide support and guidance to the after-sales service department and sales related technical consultation and support

8. Ensure the integrity of all materials responsible for the project and the synchronous update of the server (drawings, programs, photos and other materials in the server directory)

9 Provide technical support and communication to other electrical engineers

10. Cooperate with the department to complete the relevant standardization process and work, internal training, etc

11 Perform other tasks assigned by group leader, supervisor and director

12. Mainly responsible for the electrical aspects of some projects of major customers; Some new customers small and medium-sized project development and design, large-scale project design

13 Implement the design specifications and design standards of the electrical department (refer to the Electrical Engineer Manual)

14 Other tasks assigned by superiors


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical automation or related

2. More than three years of non-standard automation industry electrical control development and design experience, familiar with non-standard equipment development process

3. Understand the conventional risk effectiveness analysis and process of non-standard equipment development

4. Familiar with mainstream PLC programming and development, familiar with Siemens or Mitsubishi and other mainstream PLC, more than 3 years of programming experience, skilled use of relevant communication and network modules

5. Familiar with mainstream HMI programming and design, familiar with Siemens HMI development and design, more than 3 years of experience, familiar with conventional HMI programming rules

6. Familiar with the selection and characteristics of electrical components; Familiar with mainstream electrical drawing software, proficient in CAD&Eplan drawing

7. Good communication skills, interpersonal coordination skills and teamwork skills

8. Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills