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Along with providing these services, ruhlamat Asia has also become involved in industries such as the auto parts industry, new energy industry, medical industry and 3C industry. Adhering to the consistently high requirements and mature philosophy of German enterprises towards quality, ruhlamat Asia possess ISO9001 and VDA 6.4 Certifications to ensure the best service for our customers.
ruhlamat Strategy
To satisfy market demands, and follow the trend of Industry 4.0, ruhlamat Asia formulated the “Business Unit” strategy. It strives to meet the industry trends and customer needs of intelligence, digitalization, networking and informatization technologies.
ruhlamat(Suzhou) History
  • ESTABLISHMENT  Tianjin, China

  • NEW START  ruhlamat (Suzhou)move into new plant

  • ESTABLISHMENT  ruhlamat Huarui(Changzhou), China

  • ESTABLISHMENT  Querétaro, Mexico Brno, Czech Republic    —ruhlamat (Suzhou) new plant construction

  • ANNIVERSARY  Suzhou, China

  • ANNIVERSARY  Marksuhl, Germany

  • ESTABLISHMENT  Pune, India

  • ESTABLISHMENT  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • ESTABLISHMENT  Suzhou, China

  • ESTABLISHMENT  Marksuhl, Germany