The 3rd Smart Manufacturing Application Sharing Forum is coming!


3rd Smart Manufacturing Application Sharing Forum


Topic: Practical Smart Manufacturing Innovation for SMEs

When: 2020.10.22

Where: Suzhou Jiangsu

We are delighted to invite you to attend the 3rd SMAS Forum on October 22, 2020.

Especially SMEs need affordable and scalable solutions to leverage Smart Manufacturing Technologies for their businesses with a reasonable fast tangible benefit and the possibility for step-by-step implementation. While the Smart Manufacturing Technologies are getting more and more advanced, the actual implementation remains a very big challenge to the small and medium size plants. This year’s Forum is around "Practical Smart Manufacturing Innovations for SMEs" organized in cooperation with our partners.

What is the SMAS?

SMAS is an industry communication and sharing platform focusing on "automation, digitalization and enterprise management". It aims to assist small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the Chinese market to carry out innovative changes in intelligent factories and enterprise management by sharing practical application cases and providing gradual application norms and implementation guidance.


Beside the Keynote speech, eight companies and organizations will demonstrate their Innovations on their booths to give the opportunity to hands-on explore and experience the Technologies and Solutions. The Demonstrations will be accompanied by speeches around the Show Cases introducing the background and details.

Show Cases around:

- Application Guideline

- Neural Network Vision

- Augmented Reality

- Machine Learning

- 5G

- IIoT

- MES Software

- Digital Twin

Wonderful moment

Review of the previous two sessions


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