Happy second birthday to RHP!


On November 17th, ruhlamat Huarui Automation Technologies (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.,(Abbreviation: RHP) held the second-anniversary celebration. The company's management and all colleagues witnessed this meaningful celebration.


First of all, ruhlamat CEO Asia / member of the Board Oliver Buergstein, expressed that he was very proud of the hard work of the company's staff in the past two years, and thanked the government for its continuous attention and support to RHP.


Mr. Wang Xiaoming, member of the Board, expressed his full affirmation of the dedication and hard work of the team members of RHP over the past two years and his high hopes for the future development of the company.


Mr. Liang Chao, CEO of RHP/member of the Board, said that since the establishment of RHP, it has achieved a leading position in the field of NEV with its excellent technical strength and innovative spirit. In the future, RHP will continue to research and develop new technologies and processes in the field of flat wire stators and endeavor to empower and contribute to the development of the automation industry and the NEV market. At the same time, Mr. Liang encouraged the team members to continue to maintain excellent performance and the spirit of unity and cooperation, jointly promote the company to achieve even more brilliant achievements in future development, and make continuous efforts to forge ahead and reach new heights!


After the celebration, the company prepared a sumptuous lunch for the staff. While enjoying the food, the employees congratulated each other on the company's achievements and shared each other's laughter and happiness.


In the future, RHP will continue to improve the quality of its production line and service level, actively expand domestic and international markets, and dedicate itself to providing customers with automation solutions for flat wire stator of NEV.