ruhlamat is a German company with almost 30 years of manufacturing experience.It has locations in Germany, China, USA, India and Asia-Pacific areas with a combined total of approximately 1,200 employees. The combination of locations and employees allows ruhlamat (as a whole) to provide professional products and services to customers around the world, resulting in an annual turnover of 120 million euro. ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 as the regional headquarters of the ruhlamat Group for the Asia-Pacific area (Abbreviation: ruhlamat Asia). With offices and productions workshops located in China (Hefei, Wuhan, Chongqing, Changchun, Tianjin and Shenzhen) and India (Pune), and approximately 700 employees, ruhlamat Asia can satisfy the needs of customers on a global scale in a swift and professional manner. This results in an annual order intake of CNY 800 million approximately and an annual turnover over CNY 600 million. ruhlamat Asia has three brands – ruhlamat, Vario and ShowpWorx – that provide solutions in different areas. The first brand, ruhlamat, provides customized solutions in the areas of Automation and Laser Welding. The next brand, Vario, provides standard products such as Servo Press, Profile and Conveyors. The 3rd brand, ShopWorx, provides Smart Factory IIoT Platform which helps manufacturer take the guesswork out of shopfloor management. Along with providing these services, ruhlamat Asia has also become involved in industries such as the auto parts industry, new energy industry, medical industry and 3C industry. Adhering to the consistently high requirements and mature philosophy of German enterprises towards quality, ruhlamat Asia possess ISO9001 and VDA 6.4 Certifications to ensure the best service for our customers. During the 20-year development in China, ruhlamat Asia has become a top equipment manufacturer offering turnkey solutions. It has spent many years delving into the auto parts industry and has provided professional solutions to many world-famous car parts suppliers such as: Continental, PO, Hella, Nexteer, Brose, Valeo, BorgWarner, GKN, Magna, Autoliv, and many more. It has received many awards from various customers such as: “Top Asian Suppler Award 2014” from Continental, “Superior Customer Service 2015” from Nexteer, “2015 Global Supplier” from PO, “2016 Indirect Purchase Supplier” from Autoliv, “2016 Brose Asian Key Supplier”, “2017 Key Supplier” and “2018 Key Suppler” from Brose, to name a few. To satisfy market demands, and follow the trend of Industry 4.0, ruhlamat Asia formulated the “Business Unit” strategy. It strives to meet the industry trends and customer needs of intelligence, digitalization, networking and informatization technologies.
  • First installation of ShopWorx Industry 4.0 IIoT Platform in China
    Brose - “Key Supplier 2018”

  • Brose - “2017 Key Supplier” ,“2017 Quality and Performance”

  • Brose -“2016 Asia Key Supplier
    Auotliv -“Indirect Purchasing Supplier Recognition”

  • Open JV company with Huikai in Changchun
    Nexteer - Superior Customer Service
    PO-Inergy -“Core Global Supplier 2015

  • Continental - “Top Asian Supplier Award”

  • Open Branches in Pune, India

  • Open new locations in Hefei & Wuhan

  • Promoted to Inergy Global Supplier PO-Inergy -“Favorite Asian Supplier 2011”

  • ruhlamat becomes Asian key supplier from China for PO-Inergy

  • 1st overseas cooperation with European automotive supplier

  • Foundation of ruhlamat Suzhou subsidiary in China