About us

ruhlamat is a German company with almost 60 years of manufacturing experience.It has locations in Germany, China, USA, India and Asia-Pacific areas with a combined total of approximately 1,200 employees. The combination of locations and employees allows ruhlamat (as a whole) to provide professional products and services to customers around the world, resulting in an annual turnover of 120 million euro. ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 as the regional headquarters of the ruhlamat Group for the Asia-Pacific area (Abbre...


  • Automotive Parts Industry

    We offer solutions for Engine, Motor, ECU sensor, Driving assistance safety, Headlights accessories, Seats vehicle doors, Steering system, Driving braking, Suspension frame system, Fuel tank

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  • E-car Industry

    We offer solutions for Power battery, DC-DC, Three-in-one motor, E-drive, In-wheel motor, Fuel cell system, Tank

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  • Healthcare Industry

    We offer solutions for Precise filtering infusion apparatus, Infusion tube, Dental drill, Stapler, Infusion joint (Y shape), Peritoneal dialysis bag, Aerosol aluminum can, Contact lens cover

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  • Consumer Electronics

    We offer solutisons for consumer electronics

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  • Other Industrial Products

    We offer solutions for other industrial products

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  • Global Distribution

  • Asia Employees

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Global layout

Suzhou, China (Asian HQ)
Greer, America
Marksuhl Germany (HQ)
Pune, India