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ruhlamat Group ruhlamat is a German company with more than30 years of manufacturing experience. Locations in Germany, China, India, Mexico, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Malaysia with a combined total of approximately 1,200 employees. ruhlamat China ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 as the regional headquarters of the ruhlamat Group for the Asia-Pacific area (Abbreviation: ruhlamat Asia). With 6 offices and productions workshops located in China (Hefei, Chongqing, Changchun, Tianjin and Guangzhou) Approximately 700 e...


  • Automotive Parts Industry

    We offer solutions for Engine, Motor, ECU sensor, Driving assistance safety, Headlights accessories, Seats vehicle doors, Steering system, Driving braking, Suspension frame system, Fuel tank

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  • E-car Industry

    We offer solutions for Power battery, DC-DC, Three-in-one motor, E-drive, In-wheel motor, Fuel cell system, Tank

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  • Healthcare Industry

    We offer solutions for Precise filtering infusion apparatus, Infusion tube, Dental drill, Stapler, Infusion joint (Y shape), Peritoneal dialysis bag, Aerosol aluminum can, Contact lens cover

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  • Consumer Electronics

    We offer solutisons for consumer electronics

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  • Other Industrial Products

    We offer solutions for other industrial products

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Global layout

Suzhou, China (Asian HQ)
MMarksuhl Germany
Pune, India
Czech Republic